Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DE NATURE (et la main)


     Oh la la, its sure been a while. A quick glimpse into my life in Seattle would depict copious amounts of loose leaf tea and perpetual amusement at the constant movement of life here. I have a job now, sort of, which has been a welcomed distraction from my ennui. Today I registered for my second year of college and have decided to work towards a bachelors degree in health psychology. Maybe you wouldn't guess that as a career path for me if you know me only from this blog but my day-to-day interactions with people and the space around me are plagued by talk of probiotics, the importance of not vilifying individual's who suffer from food addiction, and more or less how to eat for happiness and wellbeing. As someone with an existential and pessimistic realistic outlook, its exciting and peculiar to decide to spend my life making other people feel better. 

     I would give you a speech about how I'm going to continue posting regularly and share more local and personal style but I don't really know it that will happen. It wouldn't be completely false if I were to reveal to you that my favorite part of this blog has always been the writing moreso than the fashion. I may even go as far as to say that I use clothing as a vehicle to convey my thoughts on an array of topics. The belief that nobody is really ever listening to me was vaguely instilled in childhood so I find great comfort being able to talk here and pretend people read it. If nothing else, my mom reads this blog. Hi mom. 

     The pictures accompanying today's words like a cheese accompanies wine are taken by Sage Bell, a beautiful woman you may remember from a post a while ago called 'Last Call Dream Girl.' We shot them back in the summer and they continue to be some of the best shots in my port. The turkey feather jacket is from a trip to London last September (from the Topshop at Harrod's) and the bustier pictured is F21. Makeup by Brittany Belinda. 

     I hope nobody has turned to ice yet given the current state of cold that is plaguing most of the states. I'm lucky enough to have a working gas furnace (even if using it has resulted in the carbon monoxide alarm going off twice in the past week.) What's better; to live cold or die peacefully and warmly in your sleep? Ponder that, off out. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Visages Des Femmes

     These pictures go well with "Quelqu'un M'a Dit" by Carla Bruni if you're a fan of listening to music all the time as I am. Most forms of art can be enhanced by a soundtrack, as can one's life. Lately my soundtrack has been this one. In fact, the song "La Dernière Minute" came on last night as my flight home from California was experiencing turbulence and I thought to myself what a beautiful song to die to. You can always count on me for optimism.

     If you read or skim this blog you should recognize the photography aesthetic of Mark Laubenheimer by now. We got together for our second photo shoot and despite being unsure if we'd be able to create magic a second time I feel confident in saying we succeeded.  The last photo shoot was all about the concept of feminine beauty as a whole so I thought this time I would talk about les visages des femmes. 

     As a set, these photos are me. But, individually they are stories of different women and, in essence, personas. I am comprised of so many various whims and to visually manifest them as characters was really enjoyable. Perhaps you'll be able to relate to different nuances of these women. Afterall, all of us have many faces.

The greedy and insecure Princess who refuses to remove her fur and jewels even when in her underwear. She fears that without a clear indicator of status she will have to reveal parts of herself she has kept locked away. She lives in two castles: one physical and one that she's built within her that keeps her from ever truly connecting to other people. 

The ethereal artist; a woman at peace with her beauty. Free to create and experience life yet still learning to become comfortable with her overwhelming sense of doubt. Nothing she has made will ever be good in her own eyes yet she feels compelled to continue trying. A true romantic who views life as an imitation of art and love as a medium to work with. 

     The young, naïve school girl. Hopeful but hesitant. Confused about the line between loneliness and self-sufficiency. Filled with longing for things she thinks she wants. Reacts childishly to receive the attention she needs to keep her afloat. At risk for misunderstanding the power of sexuality and self-respect yet willing to accept wisdom from anyone. Optimistically melancholy.  

     Alors, c'est fin. It's a really October'y day out so I suppose I'll go for a walk and have lots of coffee. I might make a post about my trip to California but for today I'm going to be sleeping and reading often to recover from the weekend. Cheers everyone, happy Tuesday and remember to call your parents to say hi more often.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Confident Chill


     Fall is upon us at last. October is my favorite month of the entire year and I couldn't be happier now that it's time for spooky stories and rich pumpkin stews. Yesterday I was out thrift shopping with my friend Charlie and as soon as I felt the chill of the air sweep through my hair I couldn't contain my excitement. He looked a tad worried when I didn't stop going on and on about what a beautiful time of year it is. I can't help it. Fall is candyland for me. In fact, since I hate my birthday so much (it's in August) I am officially moving my birthday to today, October 2nd. Happy Birthday self, go on and have a slice of birthday pumpkin pie. 

     This look is either reminiscent of pajamas (which wouldn't be too out of character for me lately) or of my favorite fashion blogger Lucy. The entire reason I started a personal style blog to begin with was because of how much I love Lucy's blog and though our styles aren't very similar sometimes I channel her minimalistic coolness. It's also a perfect look for curling up in a café with a mocha and reading, which is exactly what I intend to go do after I post this. 

     I feel sad that we are already on day two of this mois idéal. Only 29 days left. Better make every one of them count! Thanks for reading everyone, comment below about your favorite month and I'll be sure to comment on your blog in return if you have one. October is the month for community building, after all.