Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is This Happiness?

     Today's post is going to be quite solemn since I'm typing it at night, home alone, while I melancholically listen to "Is This Happiness?" by Lana Del Rey in my dimly lit room. It all ties together, however, as my outfit today resembles that of a lonely 60's housewife à la Betty Draper who has far too much downtime on her hands, forcing her to fall into sad, existentially-tinted chains of thought. That is, after all, the entire point of this blog: too much time on my hands, hence the first half of the title "ennui." Now that school is over I find myself falling deeper and deeper into this state of half-being where I don't really ever have anything I need to do which allows the days to drone on endlessly. I try to fill my hours doing photo shoots or film work (I was an extra on a film this past Friday night which is a whole other story) but nothing is properly filling the void I feel. I feel genuine fear for my future, a very un-original thing for an 18 year old, I know. I love the fashion industry and working as a local model but it seems incredibly naïve to even entertain the thought that there are any careers within it that I could do successfully. Perhaps I need to work on developing confidence in my abilities. 

     For now, all I can do is publish this post so at least I know I can do that well. You may've noticed that this soul-wrenchingly lovely skirt resembles one I talked about wanting a couple of posts ago and if you did then I owe you a lemon or at least a gold star. I happen to be dating a man akin to Prince Charming (I've mentioned him in previous posts) and being l'homme parfait he is he surprised me by sending it to me as a gift. Merci beacoup, chéri, cette tenue est à cause de tu. Because this skirt is such a work of art I had to properly honor it by finding perfect pieces to compliment it which, thanks to Chris at The Urban Eccentric, is how I came about this stunning but delicate vintage chiffon shirt, yellow gloves, glittery bracelet, and a slip with a romantic lace lining. Together they work together to create an outfit perfect for ice cream with friends (how I spent my Sunday night,) brunch on the town, or for attending a tea party in the city gardens. Comment and let me know your favorite way to spend lazy Sundays~ 

Skirt: Kate Spade / Shirt, Bracelet, Slip, Gloves, Shoes: The Urban Eccentric (Vintage)


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mermaid Motel

Photo credit Julie Gee Photography

"Buy my purple wig for my mermaid video, walk back to the motel where we live...on Neptune."

     For those who don't know, the title and lyrics are from a gorgeously smooth Lizzy Grant (Lana Del Rey) song which happens to be one of my favorites out of all of her music. The beats are sultry and the lyrics leave a lot up to interpretation. If I ever become a burlesque performer I would definitely sway my hips to this intoxicating song. 

     It's quite clear, hopefully, how this song relates to today's post but it's all a coincidence! Here's the story: I met up with a beautiful, talented, interesting woman named Julie after seeing a casting call she had posted looking to do "underwater photo shoots." Initially I thought of that America's Next Top Model episode where the girls pose gracefully below the surface and I thought to myself "how hard can that really be?" Turns out, much harder than you would think. Looking elegant isn't the difficult part because being underwater tends to make everything look ethereal but it's surprisingly challenging to keep bubbles from escaping out of your nose when you're down there and I don't think bubble-filled nostrils are a good look on anyone... Halfway through the shoot, Julie pulled out two wigs (one purple, one pink) and said I could pink one to wear if I wanted. As someone who is more or less always thinking of Lana Del Rey songs I immediately put two and two together. Underwater shoot. Mermaid. Purple wig. Bam. 

     So that's the story of one of the most amazing, challenging, rewarding shoots I've ever done. I'd love to try doing an underwater shoot again in the future to really experiment with opening my eyes (huge fear of mine) and truly capturing the mermaid essence. Check out Julie's website here or her Facebook here, I 100% recommend working with her if you ever get the chance; amidst the water-filled lungs and sun-soaked skin she was an absolute delight to spend time with and a true artist. Merci Julie~ 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Old Money

     Hello everyone, it's been a really long time since I posted here but let's ignore that for now and chat about music, fashion, and run-on sentences; three of my favorite things. Aside from the last one, this time away has been really good for developing my love of both music and fashion. Lana released her new album, Ultraviolence, this morning so I can guarantee I won't be getting anything other than this post done today seeing as her songs have a way of spellbinding me into non-productivity. This album is much darker then the last ones as everyone will tell you but it's also more soul-caressing if you know what I mean. The title for the post is from my favorite song on the new album, Old Money, which captivated me with it's soft pleas and beautiful nostalgic tones. 

     Now for the fashion aspect of my absence. I've been doing little local modeling jobs all over town in an attempt to build up my portfolio a bit so over the coming days I'll share a bunch of those photos with you, starting with these pictures taken by the effervescent Tom Good yesterday. Happy June everyone, it's been a gorgeous month and will continue to be so until the end of time.