Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seattle Street Snaps

     I'm going to be changing the normal pace of this blog and trying out some experimental posts in the next couple of weeks so please bear with me. One of those such experiments is implementing more posts into that highlight the style of people other than myself. I'm lucky enough not only to live in the most gorgeous city on earth but to have the opportunity to travel all over the country (and world, for that matter) so I figured this would be a great way to document fashionable people everywhere. Moving to Seattle has impacted me a lot and the sheer number of hip looking people on the streets is shocking so I feel some responsibility to share them with you. Without further ado, here are six stylish Seattleites who took the time to stop and chat with me this morning:

     Meet Gabby, she was the first person I saw today that made me stop and think "wow, this look is on point." I envy her ability to be pulling off such a quintessentially fall look (à la trench coat and pants) while the ridiculous sun keeps insisting on summer. She was very kind and mentioned that she originally considered a career in fashion but pursued other more financially-secure interests so that even if she couldn't work with clothes she could at least buy the ones she likes. Touché Gabby, but I still think a personal style blog should be in your future... 

     This is Krishane, an adorably retro, pin-curl wearing fashionista I stumbled upon near the mall. Her dress is 40's vintage and when I asked where she likes to shop she told me "Lucky Vintage in the U-District, Red Light in both the U-District and Capitol Hill, and online shopping" for her older, more elusive finds. I have the highest respect for anyone with the patience to master pin-curls and keep vintage fashion alive and thriving. 

     I walked past Sofia once thinking I had lost the chance to snap her photo but was lucky enough to run into her again (and then a third time when I was on my way home.) She is the lovely owner of Salon Alchemy (her website is here) and I'm almost hesitant to tell you that I had a bit of an American Psycho moment when she handed me her business card (it's heavy and probably a centimeter thick with gorgeous font...) In any case, I loved her style and overall air of sophistication and hope I run into her again. 

      I should start off by clarifying that I'm not big into menswear, nor do I know much about it, but something I can say definitively is that Shawn had on some killer shoes. On top of that, the purples and maroons of his outfit complimented each other effortlessly and he radiated coolness. He was also kind enough to get out of the line he was in for lunch to let me take his photo so for that I say thank you, good sir, the people appreciate it. 

     What I like about Ruth-Anne's look is that it sort of personifies the kind of casual confidence that I expected to find more of in downtown Seattle. The layers, frayed denim, geometrically printed top, and slouchy bag all worked together with her lively hair to paint a picture of urban youth that seems much harder to find these days. Ruth-Anne makes me wish I had been a Seattle fashion blogger in the 90's, sigh. 

     This is the last stylish person I shot today who, coincidentally, is also named Sofia. She was like a gorgeous, chic, business-casual butterfly that floated past me before I had the chance to chase her down. Luckily I stumbled upon her again as she was sitting outside of Starbucks. If I had to describe her I would say "unpretentiously lovely" and mysterious as all the greatest women are. I'd been asking everybody all day where they shopped just in case I wanted to put it here and when I asked her it went like this: 

Me: "So, where do you like to shop?"
Her: "Goodwill."
Me: "I love that answer...all day I've been hearing Nordstroms." 
Her: "Who can afford Nordstroms?" 

     That's the thrifty Seattle perspective I've been craving all day so lucky me that I met Sofia. She is a good reminder that true style isn't about brands or wealth, it's about a physical, visual manifestation of personality and self and she clearly has an A+ sense of style. 


     Bonus round: This is my favorite piece of street art that I've seen in Seattle and I must've found it pasted all over Capitol Hill in at least 10 different places by now. For those of you not familiar with Pokémon, this is Bulbasaur with a tastefully large and humanlike set of nose and lips. Whenever I see it I feel a strange sense of euphoria and the more I see it the more I love is the strategy behind being a well-known street artist if I'm correct. 

     I've been doing photo shoots galore these days so soon I'll do a post on those but for now happy Thursday you fashionable creatures. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sparkle & Shay




     Oh rainy Seattle weather, what a sight you are for sore eyes and a delightful reminder of why I love the North West to begin with. Sipping a cappuccino within the confines of Local Color down at the market is made all the more tantalizing when one feels trapped indoors by mist-coated air and soggy cobble streets. Today was the last day of my sister visiting me so after our morning at the café we proceeded to play some pool at Gameworks (I won, haha) then eat my second favorite gloomy weather food- Indian curry. She is gone now and for the first time in a long time I actually miss her...and not just our silly banter or making fun of her, but the feeling of being with someone who totally gets you. Peace sista, come again soon. 

     My outfit today is a personification of how devastatingly cool this city is and it's safe to say I think this is the best look I've ever worn. Loose shorts from Zara? Check. Fuzzy sweater? Yep. Comfy shoes with heels? Affirmative. Gorgeous earrings, circle shades, and a belt with my keys attached for convenience? DING DING DING, we have a winner ladies and gentlemen. This is the kind of outfit that makes me want to strut which is the ultimate achievement. Be fierce, readers of this blog, and destroy strangers' hearts with your piercing gaze. 

Sweater: H&M
Shorts: Zara
Earrings: Modern Renaissance Man
Shoes: Aerosoles 


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Floral Sunday


     Happy Sunday! My day started deliciously with brunch at a nearby diner that my sister and I went to, followed by Pilates and a quick shoot in my lovely neighborhood. The weather has been stunning and all the Seattleites seem to be extra bubbly now that they've soaked up some vitamin D. Later on we are going to go for a walk, hit up Sephora (I'm addicted to trying new products,) and spend some time playing video games at the arcade downtown...c'est un jour parfait. 

     My outfit today consists of some favorites I've been waiting to wear together. I'm still obsessed with high waisted skirts that have lots of movement and this one from Loft in particular is absolutely perfect. The cute little purple flower is another piece from Modern Reinsaissance Man and has a magnetic back which allows it to fit really nicely onto tops or hats. The top is Forever 21 and I love that it is a long sleeved, knit crop because it will carry over into fall really well. Overall, I feel anxious to start wearing parkas and scarves but if the sun insists on staying out for a little while longer I suppose I can't fact, I could use a little tan.