Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Call Dream Girl

     Is anybody else still recovering from Friday and Saturday? These pictures are clearly from a photo shoot but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a couple of moments similar to them over the weekend. My friend Sage (her page is here,) who is a Portland based model was staying with me last night and we decided to put our creative minds to good use. I asked her if she wanted to go out and shoot each other and then came up with the idea to do a "two girls leaving a club while way too drunk"concept. We tossed on some of our best faux-clubbing outfits (I'm 19 so I don't actually club,) smeared on makeup way too thick, and wandered around in the rain looking for cool alleyways to shoot in. 

     It's rewarding and fun to be a model but Sage and I both enjoy being behind the lens as well. The more you practice taking photos  of other people the easier it is to have yours' taken and visa versa. For me, concepts are always swimming around in my head waiting to be reeled in so I'm lucky to be able to execute and share them here. I texted my boyfriend a picture from this shoot and he replied back that he would title it "Last Call Dream Girl" which I adored. So ta-da, this post was a three-person collaboration after all. 

     I'm in a Starbucks typing this and I'm in the mood for some crazy party stories. Comment below about your shenanigans or message me on Facebook. In any case, tomorrow is October so pull out your cardigans and snuggle in for lots of cool Fall content to be popping up here at Ennui Mode. Mwah. 

Monday, September 29, 2014


Photos by Emerald Raindrops Photography. 

     When people ask me what my website is called I always respond hesitantly with the usual, "Ennui Mode...it's French." During the creation process for this blog and in essence for my brand I knew that by using not only foreign words, but a foreign concept in my title, I would be giving myself a disadvantage. One of the first things you learn in brand marketing is the importance of a simple title and logo that people will remember and be able to easily spread. Unfortunately I have a hard time conforming, even if it would mean easier success. So alas, I went with my gut and chose a title that is both meaningful to me and relevant to the content I create. Ennui Mode. 

     I included little definitions in the side bar but even then it's hard to sum up the larger meaning of "ennui." Here is a brief history of the word from wisegeek.com: 

"French for ennuyer, “to annoy or bore.”...It evolved into ennui in French, for boredom...Members of the 17th century English nobility started using the new French word to describe their state of dissatisfaction in polite company, and it has been used ever since." 

     Going even farther with the idea, ennui to me is a philosophical concept. As an intellectual being with an active mind, being in a state of listlessness goes farther than to produce mere "boredom." When I run out of ways to be productive or haven't created anything recently I fall into a very existential kind of ennui where the utter lack of stimuli is almost unbearable. Apparently this was a common problem among noblewoman because there was only so much they were allowed to do which left them with copious free time to sit and be tortured by an absence of distractions. Certainly a first world problem but perhaps still a valid one. 

     Now the word "mode" and the way they work together. Americans hear "à la mode" and understand that to mean "served with ice-cream" which is an etymology I never understood. In French it translates to "in fashion." Therefor, my blog title vaguely attempts to explain the state of existence where I attempt to cure my lack of occupation with all things à la mode. Hence the personal style, street snaps, and modeling. All a vain attempt to escape ennui via the overarching platform that is fashion. Plus vous en savez. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vaguely Human

     You know that feeling when you stay up all night with friends and then wake up in the afternoon the next day? The first thing you feel when you step outside is the crisp air bringing you back to reality and the soothing kiss of sunlight on your face. Regardless of what happened during the night, whether it be good, bad, celebratory, or regretful, it suddenly feels alright because if the sun managed to get up and start the day then so can you. Moments like that are one of my favorite parts of being human. Originally this post was going to be titled "Vaguely Young" but I decided I couldn't accept a world where people stop searching for these fleeting twinkles of magic as they age. Try not to look at the sun or at your loved ones in the same light every day because you could very well be missing a little twinkle that will re-inspire your love. 

     My outfit today is a Seattleized concoction of things that've influenced my style lately. I don't wear pants often but these tight zipper pants from Zara have quickly become one of my favorite articles. I also really don't wear plaid (I actually kind of hate it) but this plaid, thrifted blazer felt at home with this look. The cropped sweater is something I'm fascinated by, especially as a motivator to keep in shape despite fall and all of its pumpkin flavored temptations. Plus, this one is a gorgeous speckled grey just like the weather lately. My headphones were a seriously impulsive buy while I was at the airport coming home from Chicago. They absolutely saved my life with their ability to cancel noise. I win this time, screaming baby. If you're interested in a full review of them I could write something up despite my lack of audio knowledge. 

     Happy Saturday! It's going to be an amazing weekend. If you need something good to read I suggest "Chicken" by David Sterry- I just finished it and can't get over how enjoyable yet haunting a read it was. 

Sweater: Zinga
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Aeroseoles
Headphones: Parrot Zik
Sunglasses: Prada
Blazer: Kandy Williams