Tuesday, August 19, 2014


     "Life is beautiful but you don't have a clue..." coos the melancholy songstress, none other than Lana Del Rey, in her Ultraviolence track "Black Beauty." I'm going to be making this blog less personal from now on as it shifts towards a more professional platform, but something that will never change is my habitual use of music as inspiration. Nothing gets me in the writing mood better than a darkly lit room and a good song on repeat.

     I had a hard time choosing which song to pair with this post since it's not often that I have all black-and-white photos to share. Something about pictures in a monochromatic scheme elevates their artistic status, so I needed an equally dim, brooding type of song to go along with them. For those of you who throw dinner parties, my dilemma was akin to deciding which brie would glide the most effortlessly onto a baguette or, though it's way over my head, the type of wine that should be served. Food, music, and photography are all arts, after all, and when properly aligned alongside each other magic can be created.

     These photos are from a photo shoot I did a while ago with a photographer by the name of Damon Waters. He's incredible at what he does and told me that he draws a lot of his inspiration for lighting from cinematography. During the shoot we tried out many different lighting fixtures (and outfits) so I might come out with a few more posts featuring his work in the coming month. I should also note that my makeup artist for this shoot was a joyous lady by the name of Brittany who I always adore working with.

     PS. I've been sick for a few days and have been stuck inside eating soup and watching Netflix. To my delight I saw that the 2 part film Nymph()maniac by Lars von Trier had been added and I instantly began watching it. As a cinephile and perhaps a harsh critic I can say in all honesty that the movie is a masterpiece and certainly one of the best I've ever seen. To appreciate this film takes a bit of open-mindedness, maturity and certainly the ability to follow long story-lines. This movie has many scenes involving sex (if it didn't than the title would be a waste,) meaningful violence, gorgeous stylistic editing, rich characters, witty and intelligent dialogue, a few bits of dark humor, and overall an honest commentary on female and male sexuality, friendship, relationships, and oneself. I would rave about it and write a detailed post about how much I appreciate it as a film, but alas, this is not a film critics blog. It is for fashion. Sigh. In any case, watch the film from start to finish in one sitting and let me know what you thought.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Portfolio Additions

     Hey cool kittens and posh pigeons; how's it going for everyone? Before I get into the photos above I thought I should chat about a little of what's going on in my life. Currently I'm typing this from the living room of the one bedroom apartment I share with my sister as she cooks us a cute little dinner of baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread. Don't get the wrong idea though; this might be the first time I can remember her ever cooking dinner for us. I'm usually the one that cooks but even then it's usually just for myself so it's really nice to be sitting here in anticipation of a family meal. Eating food cooked at home is a very intimate thing especially when shared with friends and I feel grateful to have such a close relationship with my sister. Over this past year of living with her we have argued, cried, laughed, spilled things on the carpet, cuddled with our cat, marathoned television shows, and eaten plenty of thai food so despite my excitement about taking the next step in my life it's going to be very melancholy when I finally move out of here near the end of the month to Seattle, WA. I often joke with friends and family about how moving is my number one motivation in life and how difficult it is to live with my sister but none of that is really true...I just happen to be a fan of hyperbole. My sister is incredible, makes everyone around her smile, and is the most capable person I know so it's going to be lonely living without her. There will be perks like less clutter and no more tempting ice cream in the freezer but I'm going to have to learn how to thrive without her which I think could lead to really important growth for the both of us. And she's planning to move in the same direction once she gets her AA anyway so we will still have plenty of opportunities to be together. 

     Mushy gushy aside; today's post contains photos taken by my gorgeous friend Sage over at Jems Photography. She was kind enough to employ her photographic abilities to help me get some minimalistic images for my composition card and portfolio and I really appreciated it. Working with a photographer who is also a model is especially fun because she understands how to direct you in order to not only get a great photo, but to make sure you look your best in it! These photos are from the first outfit/lighting composition we shot together so I'll probably upload more from our shoot later on of the other outfits. 

     The hot weather is starting to disappear and grey clouds are rolling in again finally. Much of the US is on weather warnings for flooding so if you're in a stormy area be sure to be careful and stay inside. Happy Tuesday everyone, be sure to spread love to someone close to you. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

(Not) Everybody Wants to Go

     Two things I want to point out before we get into our conversation today; 1) I've vaguely decided to wear these sunglasses every day for the rest of my life and 2) please take a conscious effort to notice my lack of bra (it's very intentional and I'll say why in the next paragraph.) As I type this I am listening to Seaside by The Kooks and sitting in my beach hotel room near Seaside, OR. I can see the sun glazed ocean from where I sit and every time I breath my lungs are filled with that sort of sticky, salty air that is sure to bring back memories of rainbow lollipops, burnt s'mores, family bonding (or bickering,) and a whole lot of fish n' chips served by charmingly old fashioned waitresses. Every year my family gathers here for a weekend to celebrate my grandpa's birthday; during which time it's really fascinating to see how everyone has changed, grown, or in some cases stayed the same. It is especially jarring that I'm one of the oldest "kids" on these trips aside from my older sister and yet everyone is so much taller than me, even my twelve year old cousin who is at least 4 inches taller than me (and I am 5'8"). This trip comes directly after my incredible trip to New York with mon amour but I'm not going to divulge into too much of that (visit my Instagram @ennuimode for pictures of the trip.) 

     Now let's talk about boobs, yeah? My sister and I have coined a term which we call "Nineties Nips" and to truly understand what we mean just look at Rachel in most Friends episodes. We share the opinion that not only are nipples fashionable (and truly, a lot of outfits look better without bras) but that the female breast should not be sexualized so vehemently in our society. While there are certainly nerves there that provide many women pleasure during sex, the ultimate purpose of the female breast is to provide babies with nourishment. The fact that a woman is looked down upon and seen as "disgusting" for feeding her baby in public really disturbs me and I salute moms who are brave enough to do so, especially with the stigma they're faced with. In high fashion it's commonplace to see nipples yet people turn their heads when you do it on the street...luckily, I don't care! I have no qualms with leaving the bra behind (a privilege I share with other small-breasted ladies who don't need the support of a bra) and especially not when it would ruin the look of a top. 

     My outfit today is comprised 90% of things I bought last week while in New York (with the exclusion of my beloved shades.) I bought the top and skirt (which has pockets) at Loft, the necklace at H&M, and the shoes at Zara, which is officially my new favorite store. I have lots of new goodies from the trip to update with for the next couple of posts. Also look out for a new photo shoot post in the coming weeks; I've been really busy on the modeling end! Oh, and I'm writing a children's book about pigeons but don't expect that to be available any time soon. Cheers everyone, have a great weekend!