Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Portfolio Additions

     Hey cool kittens and posh pigeons; how's it going for everyone? Before I get into the photos above I thought I should chat about a little of what's going on in my life. Currently I'm typing this from the living room of the one bedroom apartment I share with my sister as she cooks us a cute little dinner of baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread. Don't get the wrong idea though; this might be the first time I can remember her ever cooking dinner for us. I'm usually the one that cooks but even then it's usually just for myself so it's really nice to be sitting here in anticipation of a family meal. Eating food cooked at home is a very intimate thing especially when shared with friends and I feel grateful to have such a close relationship with my sister. Over this past year of living with her we have argued, cried, laughed, spilled things on the carpet, cuddled with our cat, marathoned television shows, and eaten plenty of thai food so despite my excitement about taking the next step in my life it's going to be very melancholy when I finally move out of here near the end of the month to Seattle, WA. I often joke with friends and family about how moving is my number one motivation in life and how difficult it is to live with my sister but none of that is really true...I just happen to be a fan of hyperbole. My sister is incredible, makes everyone around her smile, and is the most capable person I know so it's going to be lonely living without her. There will be perks like less clutter and no more tempting ice cream in the freezer but I'm going to have to learn how to thrive without her which I think could lead to really important growth for the both of us. And she's planning to move in the same direction once she gets her AA anyway so we will still have plenty of opportunities to be together. 

     Mushy gushy aside; today's post contains photos taken by my gorgeous friend Sage over at Jems Photography. She was kind enough to employ her photographic abilities to help me get some minimalistic images for my composition card and portfolio and I really appreciated it. Working with a photographer who is also a model is especially fun because she understands how to direct you in order to not only get a great photo, but to make sure you look your best in it! These photos are from the first outfit/lighting composition we shot together so I'll probably upload more from our shoot later on of the other outfits. 

     The hot weather is starting to disappear and grey clouds are rolling in again finally. Much of the US is on weather warnings for flooding so if you're in a stormy area be sure to be careful and stay inside. Happy Tuesday everyone, be sure to spread love to someone close to you. 

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Keit said...

I love this photo shoot! For some reason it reminds of that 60's show "The Avengers" and mostly Emma Peel! :D You look stunning!
Ah living with the sister...it was so painful. I lived with her for over an year when we were students and it was horrible. No mushi things either, all we did was fight, awful days... :D